About Us

Fish On Fire Recordings is a professional recording studio with locations in  the commercial sections of Old Bridge and in East Stroudsburg, PA. Our engineer has a Bachelor’s degree in Audio Production from William Paterson University and over 25 years of experience writing, playing, producing, and recording various kinds of music. We’ve worked with a wide range of artists in many different styles, including Rock, Pop, Country, Hip-Hop, Acoustic, Heavy Metal, Punk, Thrash, World, Reggae, and Prog. Recording is done in Logic Pro on a Mac. Have a sound no one has ever heard before? We have a full complement of microphones, preamps, and direct boxes to handle whatever you bring in. All artists are welcome – if it makes a sound, we’ll record it.

For great quality recordings for as low as $30 and hour, contact us!

For high-quality mastering, check out our friend Bill Henderson at Azimuth Mastering!